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Risole is the real estate investors marketplace and community. Inside you can connect with a network of real estate entrepreneurs in your town and all across the nation. The Risole platform is designed to help you connect-the-dots to financial freedom through investing in real estate - Whether that means helping you find and fund your first investment property or expand your current real estate holdings. Every day new investment-grade properties are added to the marketplace, investors join the network and resources are shared in the many active forums. To help you turn a connection into a transaction Risole provide you with an ever-growing library of information provided by the best in the business on investment techniques and real estate strategies for beginners and experts alike. Connect with the real estate investing world by becoming a Risole Investor today.

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Private Lenders

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Real Estate Investors

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Become a Recifi Investor to gain access to investment-grade properties not listed on the MLS or available to the general public.

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Recifi Investors facilitates over $3 Billion a month in funding for real estate investors.

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Learn How To Invest In Real Estate

Access real estate investing courses for free. Unlock online seminars, scripts, calculators and more

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